Officer Candidacy Questionnaire

Attached to this email is the Officer Questionnaire for you to fill our and email back to the President no later than March 12th. This Questionnaire asks what officer position you intend to run for and a few brief questions. Once they are returned, Britni will review them and get you in touch to set up a short meeting with our advisor and you will then be on the roster as running for that officer position. All people running, including current officers, will need to fill this out. Please refer to the constitution on this Webpage in regards to each officer position and their duties (President, Vice President, Director of Recruitment, Director of Public Relations, Treasurer, Historian, Secretary).  Only current officers can run for President as of now, but candidacy is temporarily open to all members due to lack of numbers although, if an active member runs for a position, any inactive member that also chooses to run for that position will not be put on the roster. (seniority+involvement).


Please remember that along with this form, you must also provide one of the following:

  • A picture or copy of your BVCIL Volunteer form (proof you have volunteered)
  • A picture or copy of your emailed confirmation with Pat Morse of 3 classes you are scheduled to volunteer with


If you have any questions please email

Last Chance to turn in Dues!!

Howdy Ags!

Just a friendly reminder that this Sunday Feb. 16th is our next meeting. This is a mandatory meeting for all active members! Please remember that this is the last meeting we are collecting dues for you to be included in our tshirt order! Be sure to bring money to order for your friends and family too!!
New members: Please come to find out more about this great group, have all your questions answered and even take part in some preparations for one of our new Honorary Aggies! If you are interested in joining that day and would like to be included in our Spring t-shirt order please be prepared to pay the Spring dues totaling $25! Below is the art for the T-shirt! 
Also check us out on Facebook via the links below(One is the page and one is the group):
Also visit the Philanthropy portion of this page and fill out the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Agreement to bring with you to the meeting!
We are looking forward to seeing all of you on February 16th from 5:30-6:30 in MSC 2505!!!
Tshirt Design

Association of Former Students Article!

Howdy Members!

Just wanted to provide y'all with the link to the article that Stephanie Cannon wrote for the Association of Former Students! It is a fantastic article about our very first Special Aggie Presentation!

You can see it by clicking the link below:

Thanks and gig'em ags!

Welcome to OSA - An Organization Dedicated to Recognizing Special Aggies

Elizabeth Payton


Please explore this site to learn more about our mission and how we came to be a recognized Texas A&M student organization. We appreciate any advertising, support and referrals you have to offer! Thanks & gig'em!


Elizabeth and Marty


Elizabeth and Sorority


Payton Family

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